Lebanse Association for Neuromuscular Diseases
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Lebanse Association for Neuromuscular Diseases City: beirut Phone : +9613615187

Parents alongside professionals founded L.A.N.D. (Lebanese Association for Neuromuscular Diseases) a support group that will spread awareness and support patients and families affected by neuromuscular diseases.

L.A.N.D. is dedicated to helping people with rare diseases. L.A.N.D. is committed to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, awareness, advocacy, research, and outreach.

L.A.N.D. is the voice of compassion and hope for families whose needs extend beyond medical care.

The decision to create the Lebanese Association for Neuromuscular diseases L.A.N.D has been taken to help spread awareness about the difficulties both patients and their families’ experience from the moment they discover their child was born with a lack of a certain gene that helps them a normal healthy life to living with it, embracing it and enabling them to continue on living their lives uninterrupted by lack of knowledge and fear of progression.

L.A.N.D will form support groups for families wishing to come together to share & discuss their problems, fears and help raise morale. Children and their parents will be able to lean on each other through difficult times as well as celebrate together their small victories.

L.A.N.D will follow up on all the latest medical development for your child to keep you abreast all current research and discoveries by communicating directly with associations abroad in addition to publishing all recent findings regarding the disease and possible cures, therapy techniques, and therapies advised.

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