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RDD Japan City: Tokyo Phone : +815054379045

RDD Japan secretariat office is located inside NPO ASrid.

The secretariat manages the official hosting of All Japan every year.

RDD 2020 in Japan official events were to be held at 53 locations nationwide. However, our activity was stagnant due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, 26 official events were held, but the remaining official events had to be canceled. The RDD Tokyo event was postponed to May 30 for a 10-hour live stream. It was a success, with over 6,000 views on the day. Despite these circumstances, we feel that the recognition of RDD has been improved every year as the events connect patients with the general society.

The regional theme of RDD Japan 2021 is, "The ‘RARE’ you want to know. I want to know more too -We stand in solidarity with the RARE community-".

The theme of the event is "to communicate and share with each other" because this is the time to do so. Also, in anticipation of the increase in online events, we planned to create RDD Japan content for the local organizers to use. In addition, we will start a new trial by exhibiting the winning works of the panel and photo contest in the Tokyo Station Underground Gallery for one month. No matter what the environment, we will keep the RDD community alive. We hope to share this spirit with you.

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