Georgian Foundation for Genetic and Rare Diseases
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Georgian Foundation for Genetic and Rare Diseases City: Tbilisi Phone : +995599294439

Our organization, Georgian Foundation for Genetic and Rare Diseases (GeRaD), was formed in 2009. GeRaD represents a group of people personally affected by the problem of rare diseases in Georgia (patients and parents, medical professionals, researchers, other representatives of civil society). Today GeRaD unites several groups of patients with rare diseases. Some of them, such as groups of patients with PKU, OI, Thalassemia, XLH-disease and JIA, have already formed their own organizations; others exist as initiative groups not as yet registered as juridical entities. We collaborate with most of the medical professionals working in the field of rare diseases in Georgia; many of them are members of the GeRaD Medical Advisory Board. Along with the membership in other large European organizations working in the field of RD, GeRaD is a member of EURORDIS. Our organization is participating in a number of projects financed within the EU Program of Community Action in the field of Public Health and some international research programs. Executive Director of our organization, Dr. Oleg Kvlividze is our country representative in CNA/EURORDIS and a EURORDIS Advisor for the organization of a second round of EUROPLAN project in the context of the Joint Action of the EUCERD and member of the IRDiRC Executive Committee.


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