Asociacion para Todos - Unidos por la salud
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Asociacion para Todos - Unidos por la salud City: Guatemala Phone : +50222518917

ASOCIACIÓN PARA TODOS –ATP- works in Guatemala on the project Strategies Care for children and young people with rare diseases and checks cases throughout the Republic; Aims include: Direct patient care, family support group and/or self-help, disclosure, advocacy, education, and research and development.

The development of the areas of work intends to meet the overall objective of the project that is: to contribute to the fulfilment of the human rights of children and adolescents with suffering from rare diseases, through specialized physical and emotional health care and disclose information on rare diseases for proper detection, treatment, and control.

In Guatemala there are no statistics on rare diseases, so we are working on finding and recording the cases, from which we have compiled the following information, and creating a database.
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