The best day ever

The story of Marija Drenic-Nikolic

My daughter has a rare disease
– HIDS(hyper Ig D syndrome),she is seven years old .She started with the biological therapy as she started her first grade .But in real she didn’t started going to school for real,she stayed at home learning all from home .The therapy and the situation with global Covid pandemia doesn’t work together so we must prevent all the possible complications and keep her safe.
She feels isolated from all ..the fun the joy the happiness the friendship and community , social interaction , sharing and love as children could give and take from the classroom and group that they belong.
But …when she was just start thinking”my friends forgot me “..the class ,the school and her teacher gave her the best gift ever…it was the best day indeed.
They made her a suprise show in the school just before the New Years Day…the teacher appeared as a Santa and kids were singing songs just for her and they all made her greeting cards and prepared balloons with a message on – and above everything they all brought some gift and there was a table full of presens just for her.
She was speechless …she just stood there .When we finally moved and started to go home … leaving the school behind she said: “Mom,now I know they didn’t forget me.”
It was a really special day for us.That feeling …that we aren’t alone that she has support and the love she needs most …that was priceless.
Big thanks to our loving &the best teacher ever ✨🙌 and our school that has understanding and support us …and above all thanks to the kids and their parents that made my daughter smile and happy.She was certainly felt a special in every way. ❤️