Thank GOD I’m NOT Alone.

The story of anthony

In March 2009, I was diagnosed with F.A.P/Gardners Syndrome. On Sept 10, 2009, I had my entire colon removed along with the majority of my rectum. Three years later, as a result of this surgery, I developed 3 intra-abdominal desmoid tumors. Two tumors are intertwined and 1 is by itself up against my kidney. Since then I have had issues with my right kidney (hydronephrosis), which I needed a stent for, and still have today. Went from a 3 month stent to a super-duty 1 year stent that caused me to contract MRSA (staphylococcus) in my urine. I had a picc line for antibiotics for 6 weeks. I am doing better now, but I’m scared things could change for the worse any minute, hour or day. I am presently on Tamoxifen & Sulindac for approx one year ago. Thank you for this opportunity to let my story be heard.