The story of Marwa

Hello. My name is Marwa and I am 27 years old from Lebanon. I was diagnosed with Stargardt disease at the age of 16. First it was really hard for me to understand that my life will be a bit different from normal teenagers. I can’t see everything normally, there were many obstacles I should be able to understand that I can’t. I can’t drive, I can’t cross roads alone, I can’t read or study normally. It was challenging for me to finish university with my case since I wasn’t yet used to the new lifestyle I will be living through.

Now it is still really hard for me to accept that I have a case different than others and I go through many difficult situations in my daily life.

My message for whoever is struggling with a rare disease is to stay positive, stay happy and think that the disease is the reason why you are special just like me. Even though I struggle with many situations, I feel my case made me special and stargardt gave me star eyes.