The story of Rick Siemon

I was always a bit clumsy but never would I have guessed that I have a rare condition. I was diagnosed in September of 2019 shortly after I started experiencing vertigo while running. This quickly started impacting other parts of my life and was unable to even go grocery shopping without becoming extremely ill. My world wouldn’t stop moving and I could hear my eyelids when I blinked. These are only a few of the well over a dozen symptoms I was dealing with on a daily basis. I finally decided to get surgery for my condition and my symptoms have greatly improved. I still deal with balance issues and dizziness, as well as hearing impairment, but I can now go to the grocery store and work with less struggle. I still have not found my symptoms being generated from my left side dehiscence convincing enough to warrant a second craniotomy and hopes are it remains this way. Even with my impairments, I’m very much into trail running and ultra distance endurance events. It’s definitely not easy at times but neither is living with a rare condition. Just like everything else in my life now, I adapt, overcome, and rest when I need to.