PurA Syndrome – Carter Peddie

The story of Will

At three weeks old Carter contracted the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), turned blue and stopped breathing. In the PICU Carter was on breathing and feeding tubes, and breathing treatments for ten days. At age two Carter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy due to the lack of oxygen to her brain during her RSV. When Carter turned 3 a genetic test revealed she had PurA syndrome, a genetic mutation only her and 40 other kids in the entire world have. Since Carter was one year old she had a full schedule of therapy. Carter currently does PT, OT, and speech therapy. We have tried neuro feedback, oxygen therapy, infant stim, and a center based program, but riding horses is by far her favorite therapy. Carter recently started preschool with the assistance of a one on one aid. She is starting to explore, walk, and babble. She is progressing and developing more than most doctors thought was ever possible, and her determination is beyond inspiring. She has an infectious giggle and her red hair matches her fiery personality. Carter has taught our entire family so many valuable lessons and has helped us focus on the important things in life. This little girl is a complete miracle in every way and we are so blessed the Lord allowed this angel to bless us and everyone she encounters everyday.