Never thought this would be me

The story of Claudia

About ten years ago I began falling. I never tripped on anything or hurt myself but it was puzzling. I went to many doctors in the next EIGHT years. But no one even suggested a neurologist until two years ago. This was during the worst of covid so it took some time to be seen but by New YEARS Eve I HAD an appointment in a hospital two hours from home for a datt scan on my brain. The results were definate. I had parkinsonism. Which of the subtypes was still under debate but judging from my symptoms it was pretty clearly MSA.
Now i doubt most of you have heard of this disease but it is a degenerative disease of the brain that robs you of the use of your body until one day you die. All i have lost at this point is the use of my legs and voice and hands. Luckily i have a husband who is my caretaker, or else i would be in a nursing home. One day i will probably aspirate some food and end up in the hospital with pneumonia but until then i plan to enjoy what time i have left!!
Why not run a google search on MSA and learn about it. There are no medications that cure or even slow down the progress of this disease.