Mycosis Fungoides

The story of tracey

My husband Bryan has suffered from this disease since the age of 8 and he is now 46. It is part of the Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and is a very rare skin cancer. It is so rare that there is estimated to be only 3000-5000 sufferers in the World’s population of 6 billion.
There is not a cure for it as they still don’t know exactly how it manifests itself in people. The only side effect of this illness is tumours that manifest themselves all over the patient’s body in my husband case, his legs, groin, face and head and back. It can be so easily misdiagnosed as eczema and psoariosis He copes with it really well but has a lot of other medical problems beside this MF. He does have regular checks with Dermatologists at Hospitals but they admit defeat in the face of MF. Would love to see a cure for this cancer as easily as they seem to be able to try to cure other cancers, but unfortunately because it is so rare it doesn’t get the attention it needs.