The story of Caroline

When I was 6 I started feeling weird pains in my leg. I did dance so my mom just thought I was a little sore. After about a month the pain didn’t go away and my parents got worried. I went to the local doctor where thay gave me a few x-rays and blood tests. The x-Rays came back showing that nothing was wrong. After about 2 months of dealing with the pain I was sent the hospital in my town. The hospital thought I have lime disease but weren’t sure. I was young and all I relly remember what haveing lots of blood tests and MRIs. After about a year of pain I was sent to the childrens hospital in Iowa city where I was dynosed with chronic recurrent mutifocal ostomylites. Now years later I am better and living my best life.
(The photo is of my and my little sister Norah when I started to get better)