My family with Cadasil

The story of Danica

when I met my husband I found that his father had died of a stroke. This then happened to my husband when he was in his forties. And also my brother-in-law age 43. I have 4 sons and 3 daughters and last year I felt as though my whole world fell apart 2 of my sons age 43 and 39 had a stroke which by being treated in hospital and looking into the kind of strokes they had it meant all my family getting tested which it is now the 2 sons and 1 daughter has got what they call CADASIL strokes in young people and is passed down in the family and now the worry is on the grandchildren my family Have formed a charity for us to raise money for research in hope that one day they will find a cure as up until now there isn’t one we look on doing many events to raise awareness of this rare disease in hope some day we will find a cure for these young families