The story of Trinity

When my oldest daughter was born, I was young, she was prefect. A new beautiful baby girl, no one could have guessed that 6 weeks later we would find out that her life was going to be a long series of doctors visits and surgeries. It was at her first doctors check up that her pediatrician noticed that there was something different going on with her. He looked at me with almost a sadness in his eyes and told me that he thought it would be best if he could refer us to a group of Genetic Doctors in Iowa City, Iowa. He said he could be sure of her condition until they seen her. So being the young and now very scared mother that I was, we made the appointment and made the trip to Iowa City. It was after what seemed like a days, going from one office to another within the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, that it was confirmed that our new beautiful baby girl was born with Clediocrainio Dysplasia. She would need to wear a helmet apon leaving the hospital and would need to be seen every 6 months in Iowa City by a team of doctors….I won’t go to far in depth into the years that followed. Multiple appointments, surgeries, psychical therapy….years of dealing with P.E. teachers and school nurses that didn’t understand and didn’t take the time to look into what she was going through psychically. She grew to not need her helmet by the time she was 4 years old, but the surgeries needed for her teeth and tubes in her ears were constant. The school years were a nightmare.
Fast forward to today. She is 21 years old and so strong. Maybe not as strong psychically as she Could be, but mentally and spiritually, Trinity has grown up to be one of most head strong, independent, smart and beautiful woman. I’m so proud to be able to say I am her Mother.