Meet my little smiling fighter layan

The story of Layan

Hello, this is my little girl Layan, or as we call her Lulu
We are from Saudi Arabia in the Middle East,
She is like the rest of the children, always smiling, stubborn and affectionate, loves to play ,dance and hugging, but she’s different from the rest of the children with one thing, which is that she had RCDP syndrome of the mild type.
Our search for what my daughter suffers from was a journey filled with confusion and despair. For a few months, we were like a lost person looking for a glimmer of hope, but when we discovered what she was suffering, we were shocked by the words of the doctors to us that what she’s suffering from will kidnap our little girl from us .
They told us that she will not complete the first three years of her life because most of the children with this syndrome dies, and here is my strong little fighter going to turn 9 years old in few months and she smashed everything that doctors had said to us with a smile fills her face
My girl taught me that we should not let despair overcome us in the battles of our daily life and to fight until the last moment and to have a smile as a weapon with everything we face in our life all the difficulties and challenges .
Because of my child, I am working on awareness of rare diseases here in my city.
My child is my role model.

Watch Layan’s video here!