The story of Tessa Marie

My daughter Tessa Marie was taking from her family and my self after a very short illness, it lasted 7 days. She woke up on a Monday feeling sick by Wednesday was seen at LMH for they said the flu. Thrusday FMC admitted her to the ICU. 2 hours later she was on a ventilator. She died at 1042 am Sunday February 09.2020 . I thought her death certificate would simply say cause of death was influenza B. It said so much more . Her direct cause of death was ards. We’d never heard that before then. As I researched this condition I have found very little resources in Ohio on it. However I found it is listed on a list published by Nord as a rare condition. On October 1,2022 we held a benefit and fundraiser in honor of Tessa Marie. It was called Tessa Marie’s Cause for a cure ards awareness fundraiser and memorial ride. It didn’t turn it as I had hoped but that’s ok I’ll keep trying. No one should die from something there is little known about or from something that a cure can be found for. I believe OSU doctors did everything in there power to save my daughter. I also believe Dr Joshua Englert will find the cure for this rare condition. I have hope for others and believe with awareness more people can survive it. Today we have to wedpages you can visit for Tessa Marie’s Cause. Tessa Marie’s and tessamariesdaretobe

Tessa Marie