Living without the knowledge of my Agenesia of the Corpus Callosum

The story of Eszter

I was born in 1976, when was no ultrasound or MRI, I struggled with everithing, I was bullied unfortunately by my mother side of the family with shouting at the age of 13 when I put too much water when had to cook pasta, or too small amount of water, shouting when I could not do the shoelace at the age of 4 around, they shouted at me when I could not tell the story of a book -which I had to read for school, and they shouted when I could not analise a poet -my grandpa was a poet, my step grandmother was an actress, my mom officially a Hungarian teacher -and she bullies me about my spelling (tried my son, but we stopped her). I struggled at school too. I could enter to University (at the third entering examination at least) after 2 and a half semester I faild, I was told to leave Uni it was not for me they told, but my father is a Uni teacher so I begd them not to throw me. I left for Australia, where I was able to make 92% at a low examination! at the same day I could make an Occupation health and safty exam 56%. I have Diploma of Tourism, but can not use in Hungary…I was ashamed with my failure till 2007. When I got a dislexia diagnosis (after my children were born, and I felt I lost my language ability), and at the same year becouse of huge headaches from the first giving birth at 2004 I went to a doctor, and asked for an MRI it was written on the document that I have ACC, but nothing had happaned at all. I felt, it is more than dislexia, I might have disqualkulia (I have to make documentations at my job for the National Bank of Hungary with a lot of math) also might be ADD, so I pland to make an examination but was too much money, so I asked a friend, who told me my brain is hyper. I went to a ADHD Facebook group, where I realised, I have no ADHD, and I applied for the Hungarian Adult ADHD centre for an examination I had to wait 2 years but worthed it. I got my proper diagnosis at August 2020 about my ACC. I made a Facebook group in 2019 and started to translate a lot of material, now I am the stage of studeing at Uni again, so I applied for an examination for eas my studies. I will make a fundation to help others, I still surch for a specialist -or somebody who had seen ACC for adults, and as a mother was told to terminate her child with ACC I will inform Hungarian doctors what is it about, neurologists and pediatrians too. I will be able to seek help from abroud with an organisation too.