Keep Fighting

The story of Francisco

Hey! My name is Francisco, 20 yr. old male and I’ve been living with this disease or whatever it is since I was maybe about 14. So it all started when I was in middle school. I started getting kind of targeted for bullying because of I guess the way I looked or whatever. It really wasn’t a big deal but since I’m a really sensitive person, I took it to heart or whatever. Well anyways, I began to get anxiety and things like that so I’d miss classes and sometimes even school. When I would get anxiety, my stomach wouldn’t feel very good. I would start to feel the need to use the bathroom. So I’d miss class at times for staying in the restroom for a long time. So, due to missing classes and things like that, I got kicked from this school and I had to go to a new school. I’d hear bad things about this school so that gave me even more anxiety and the anxiety made me want to go to the bathroom even more! That’s when I really started to smell! My hair would smell and everything. I wouldn’t socialize much because kids would say eww what’s that smell and all that. People could smell my hair from a good distance or smell me! Kids would also say that I smelled. And that gave me like severe social anxiety. Then, like almost in the middle of the year I had gotten into an altercation with some kid, a bully, and I was wrongly blamed by a teacher.. And I got sent to an alternative school..and this school was for the worst kids. This school was filled with gang members and just all around bad kids. Soo..Guess what?! Even more anxiety!! My anxiety had gotten from bad to worse and I would start to get anxiety even when I’d be at home getting ready! And the smells got even worse I guess. I’d get bullied sometimes about my smell and kids were mean there. Fast forward like 3 yrs. and I guess my anxiety got better but it was kinda weird having to deal with people and my smell. I remember when kids would say you smell, and even my friends would be like Francisco smells. When I would sit down I’d feel like I needed to go to the bathroom and that’s when I knew that I smelled. Kids would move away from me. Some would have like pity for me so they wouldn’t say anything, they’d just move away. I’m kind of used to hearing the sniffing sounds like anyone that sits near me does a big sniff and then they would probably cover their faces. But it’s weird because the smells have changed over time I guess. Like I’ve been told by my older brother and younger brother that I smell like fish. And I train at an mma gym and I smell like fish. A friend had even told me and I didn’t even know. He’d tell me why do you always smell like fish? And I guess that hurt or whatever and I’ve been trying to find a solution to my problem. I know that it has to do with my stomach. And I know that I have trimethylaminuria. Just need to fix it somehow to start living life. And it’ll happen. For all those sufferers out there! There’s still hope! Don’t ever give up!! Tell your doctor, don’t be embarrassed like I was. Speak up about it. Don’t be ashamed and use this advice passed down to me by a navy seal that I train with. The best advice that I have ever gotten. Keep fighting. That’s all there is to it. Keep fighting! Goodnight

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