Journey to where I am Today

The story of Cailin

I was between early 20’s when, I was told that they had found a match something that was rather unspexpected , because the DD study of this gene was only been diagnosed in younger children. More than that they only have only just been found out about this gene as it wasnt, heard of before, those with this particular gene are in one of the 100 millions world wide world, and one of them is me from the study that has been quite a roller coaster of all mix emotions and was also challenging but is relieved , when they had found a match.
The genetics team book 1 to1 video call, Since first or second outbreaks of coronavirus. Around that time they had found a gene but also genetically this gene wasn’t passed on , when my mum and dad had me. I am one rather special , unique is an understatement. Now the evidence that showed are now passed on to even more people of researchers and me as an adults with all different mutations and now I will be first too
Shared with other people and the story that has been told.