The story of Sabrina

It was the summer of 2017 when my son started developing strange symptoms. We took him to the doctor but she misdiagnosed him for two weeks.
the symptoms kept getting worse and our son got worse and worse so we went to the hospital.
in the hospital we were diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a rare disease.
my son was just 1 year old at the Time. We were shocked and it took us some time to understand what this diagnosis means and how to Deal with it. Over the last few years, so-called recurrences, i.e. relapses, have frequently occurred. often associated with hospital stays. Our son was able to be well controlled with medication to avoid recurrences as far as possible, but it is purely a symptom treatment. the cause is not fought with it. the cause of this rare autoimmune disease is still being researched.
and this is where the problem lies. Which government, which pharmaceutical industry is willing to invest immense sums in research when there are only a few people affected, and children are the main sufferers!
however, regardless of this, we are not giving up hope of healing. we won’t give up the fight. because his fight is my fight!