Fighting rett syndrome positively

The story of Johanna

Mr and mrs Jerry Thompson had to make one of their greatest life decisions 3 years ago.

It was then that their daughter Johanna was diagnosed with rett syndome. They had only 2 choices..

They could either go in a corner and cry, or they could say, ‘You know what?

We are going to be the best parent and give her the best life johanna can have…

So that’s what they decided to do, to take the high road and give johanna a good life.

Rett syndrome hasnt stopped Johanna from dreaming high..Johanna loves dance, music , fashion…The Thompsons decided to include Johanna is various ramp walks which is a great way for special kids to feel accepted and beautiful. Johanna has been featured in one of reputed fashion magazines , done her photoshoots for modelling agencies, etc etc .

We’re all different anyway. We all have our own battles. We all always have something going on. It doesn’t mean we can’t do something. We can do anything we want. So anything we put our minds to, we can do it. Sometimes we just have to create or grab the opportunity to show that we can.

Mr and mrs jerry Thompson want the world to accept and love Johanna as she is. 😍

Fighting rett syndrome positively