Even cystic fibrosis and diabetes didn’t stop my dream of becoming a mother, after 6 years we have a healthy son

The story of Marcela

We have been trying for a baby for six years. First naturally, then with help. We had to interrupt the artificial insemination process twice. The cause was my health fluctuations. Finally, it was successful, but we still had to fight. Because of the underlying diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, my CRP started to rise from the 4th month of pregnancy. It signalled inflammation in the body. This indicated that pregnancy was a big burden for my body. I was put on antibiotics. Without them, I couldn’t breathe, I was coughing and I couldn’t even sleep.

I think I’m a very goal-oriented and stubborn person who doesn’t give up at the first setback and tries to see things through to a successful end. My whole life is a struggle, a fight for every single breath, for a better quality of life. I always blamed my mom for the name they gave me. However, it helped me to fulfil my dream of a happy family. One needs a great deal of patience, determination and faith. It wasn’t an ideal journey; I went through hyperstimulation syndrome, a failed first cycle of artificial insemination, and several failed insertions. However, we fought through to a successful end and I thank God every single day for our bundle of joy. Pregnancy and the subsequent care of the child will mostly worsen the health of a mother with CF, but we all count on it. I think every single mother would answer that it is worth sacrificing more or less of own health for the birth of a new life. Throughout the whole course of my pregnancy, I was also greatly supported by my CF physician Lenka Kopčová, M.D., whom I called almost every week for health consultations and who always helped me with great willingness to cope with the constant problems associated with my primary disease. We tried to keep personal contact to a minimum because of the existing pandemic and the ongoing pregnancy.

My first reaction when our son was born was – why isn’t Rastik crying? I was unhappy. My son was taken to the intensive care unit with suspected hypoglycemia. It was confirmed. In the end, everything turned out well. Rastik’s condition improved, he was fine, just a little smaller. Since he was born 4 and a half weeks early, he was 2680 grams and 45 centimetres. I must praise the excellent care of the specialists from the Hospital.

I’ve never felt worse than shortly after the actual birth. When I started coughing, I felt like I was going to burst. I had the birth covered with antibiotics to help me manage the recovery. I was desperately waiting for them to reduce my mucus production so I would have to cough as little as possible. The intense pain lasted for two days, and it got better with each passing day. My husband was a big help in the delivery room and when they brought our little one 48hrs after delivery, the pain went away. A strong desire to attend to him combined with well-targeted medication helped me recover quite quickly, and by the fifth day after the section I could “enjoy” a coughing fit in pain that was bearable.”

Therefore, I am waiting for the approval of the medication that my CF doctor has already requested – right after delivery. I don’t know how my body will react to the medicine, but I can tell from the testimony of others in our community that it’s something miraculous. Significant increase in lung function, weight, reduction to the cessation of mucus production, a feeling of clear lungs that I haven’t known in years, and an increase in fitness. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it really is. If these improvements are mirrored in my health, I believe that thanks to the modern treatment of cystic fibrosis I will be able to take care of my son with everything he needs.

Our first month was beautiful but at the same time extremely challenging. Ten days after finishing the antibiotic treatment, the inflammation that plagued me throughout the pregnancy returned. As I was breastfeeding, I tried to delay the antibiotics again until as late as possible. I didn’t last long and had to stop breastfeeding after only 23 days. Mommy is probably taking it more tragically than the son, though. My husband, mother, and mother-in-law, in short, the whole family, help me with the care. We have good days when I can look at him for hours and think about what a miracle we have. We also have crying nights that show that you don’t need 10 hours of sleep to be able to function the next day, but four is enough :D. We enjoy every single day as he grows up before our eyes, and we look forward what our life together as a trio will bring us.