Cushing’s Awareness

The story of Elyssa

I suffered for 16 long years from a host of symptoms… low potassium (that landed me in the hospital multiple times), weight gain, high blood pressure, pan attacks, tachycardia, brain fog, purple striae, muscle pain and weakness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, rage issues, hair loss, vit D Deficiency, chronic high white blood cells, Vitiligo, dental issues (due to unexplained vitamin deficiencies), bone fractures that happened all too easily, the list goes on. Due to doctor negligence it took me 16 years to get help and have pituitary surgery to put me into remission. I never want ANYONE to suffer the way I did so I became an advocate for the chronically ill after I received treatment.

Are you having trouble getting your doctor to listen to your needs and concerns? I have a free resource that I want to share that is all about self advocacy and how to handle a doctor that just won’t work with you. There are free guides on all the topics listed in the image as well!


Podcast on self advocacy:

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NEVER stop fighting for yourself! It took me way too long to get diagnosed but I diagnosed myself long before my doctors ever did. Trust YOUR body!❤️