Central Pain Syndrome: Pain from my brain‏

The story of Patti

I live with an incurable, torturous & poorly understood pain known as central pain syndrome, CPS.

CPS is caused from damage to the central nervous system, a pain which makes the simplest, most basic tasks and activities unimaginably painful, limiting and often undoable. In 2010, I developed CPS secondary to a deep brain cavernous malformation (a vascular malformation) hemorrhage & surgical resection.

My entire left-side is numb, yet is also affected with relentless burning, throbbing, stabbing and searing pain of CPS that even the strongest painkillers cannot relieve. Treatment is essentially limited to anticonvulsants, antidepressants and antispasmodics. In my experience, these medications have remained unsuccessful in providing relief.

I’ve observed my progressive, evolving symptoms and decline, and often fear how symptoms will progress as I age, as well as the unknown affects of constant pain to my body.

CPS drastically affects not only the pain sufferer, but their loved ones as well.

CPS awareness will lead to hope, increased research and eventually a cure for the lives affected.

Thank you for reading my story.