Boy to a Disabled “young man”

The story of Azeem

People usually describe childhood as the most entertaing days of anyonne’s life….but it wasn’t really true for me. Born as a young ‘healthy’ boy,my parents as anyone else were dreaming for my bright future. Time passed and I grew up and starting going to school at the age of three. I was a briallant student and my teacher tipped me to do big things in future but god had other plans.When I was in fourth class,my karate sir asked all of us students to jump from a rope but I was really frightend,thus I excused by saying that I wanted to go to the washroom.After this event karate became ny most hated period. Things went on and I somehow avoided karate activities. Next year our art classes begun and I was asked to draw free hand.I just was not able to do it and I started hating arts class as well. Somehow time passed and I escaped this as well. When I reacched seventh, my class fellows started calling me ‘dehla’ or ‘the lose one’ because my walking by then had become really really awful,it was different from other but me and my parents ignored this and my parents asked me not to act and walk properly and I started thinking maybe yes I was at fault. Althought years passed and I kept ignoring my situation until 4 year. But then thing started happening to me that never happened before. I started to be angry very quickly. When someone commented on my walking I became really angry and started abusing. I got tired quickly and my parent were very sure that I need to see a doctor and my doctors did some test and came up with the conclusion that I have a very rare genetic disorder known as friedich’s ataxia. When we were told about it naturally as any other person we were unaware of the condition. My doctor explained that it is a disorder in which we become unsteady on our feet and walk like a drunk person and there is no cure to this situation. Also,my life expectency become low as compared to a healthy young person. Moreover in some time I will have to use a wheelchair. This is how I transformed from a boy to a disabled “young man”. For most of the people childhood are the most beautiful days but for me this wasn’t the case.