Aplastic anemia fighter

The story of Lilija

I am a fourth year medical student being treated for aplastic anemia. In 2021 I was diagnosed with bone marrow failure after bone marrow biopsy, aspiration and multiple blood tests. Had immunosuppressive therapy, which, unfortunately, did not work in my case, so I had to go through intense chemotherapy course and stem cell transplant from a foreign donor, because my sibling’s human leukocutic antigen did not match mine. Before transplant, I had many admissions to hospital due to severily low blood counts, had multiple red blood cell, platelet and plasma transfusions, however after bone transplant my condition was reffered as remission. At the moment woefully I relapsed and being under more strict control pf my hematooncologists, nevertheless I am hoping for this “unforgettable journey” to end some day. I study tons, enjoy the time with my family, groupmates, work out, do research in hematology field and just appreciating the life I have as it is. It is important to stay positive and active, relieve the stress with methods you truly reap the benefits of and sometimes cry. Fighting is hard, but managing challenges makes you feel stronger and proud of yourself!