Always a Warrior, Never a Survivor!!

The story of Charvi

I was diagnosed with this rare auto immune desease “Anti Synthatase Syndrome” in September 2020. Since then i am on steroids and immunosuppressive medicines. It includes 3 triods of conditions – Myositis (Muscle pains with progressive muscle weakness), Interstitial lung desease and Arthritis.

Being a medical student, i was able to understand what this desease is as i read and research more and more about this. I had severe muscle pains, sometimes such extreme that i wasn’t able to get up and walk with fevers and joint pains with shortness of breathing on exertion, even on climbing a few stairs. And my never stopping coughing and chest pains with so many other issues. Sometimes i don’t understand what are desease symptoms and what are long term side effects of my medicines. Some days i am completely fine and then suddenly the next day i wake up with painful stiff feverish body with breathing issues. The Graf is like up and down and up and then down. You might have a stable remission period and then flair ups too. Which will again make you feel very sick.

Auto Immune deseases are not curable and stays with you life long. It can only be managed with medicines, lifestyle and dietary changes, exercises and different types of work out and most importantly managing your stress as stress highly increases your immune responses. Also Auto Immune deseases are chronic deseases,with uncertainty of their symptoms and its severity,tricky to manage with unpredictable future outcomes.

So, having a stressfree and stable mind is a challenge. At some point, a person becomes depressed. Which in turn increases desease symptoms. So, what i have learnt in these years and have accepted the fact that my life will always throw some very bad days but good days will also follow if you stay positive, hopeful and Never lose your spirit. You know your body better than anyone so you would eventually know what foods suits your gut, what workout helps you stay active and lower your body inflammation, what activities helps you being stressfree and keeps you happy like yoga or meditation or anything.

Yes, your entire life is different now, and you are a whole different person now, but your acceptance of every life challenge, positive mind, fighting spirit,and Finding happiness out of everything is a key to overcome such deseases. 😊❤️