all about me

The story of abigail

my name is Please help us welcome Abigail K. is 20 years old. She was was diagnosed with chromosome 12 deletion and a learning disabilities. She has Perthes disease in her left hip, a leg length discrepancy and contracture 5th finger in our left hand, eczema and asthma, right upper renal scarring with cyst in lower pole kidney. She also has hypertension, ADHD and behavior problems.

Update: She went to see specialist about her eczema, and on a Monday and Friday she will start going to hospital for treatment on special on sun bed specialist in eczema treatment.

date of bith is 11.10.1994

i like Sensory time, Singing, Dancing, Lovey Frogs, Going to movies, Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Barney, Disney Princesses, One Direction, Lego Friends enjoyed sensory light up balls enjoyed looking at children books like sesame street and Barney etc dogs etc like anything really look am my likes for help …………….. Update on my like anything do with Disney / Lego friends Lego / frozen / lovey food like sweet

got my own wish list and website