A rogue gene!

The story of Emily

I first went to my GP around 4-5 years ago about issues I was having walking upstairs, I also had lost the ability to stand on tip toes and run. Basically he asked me if there was any history of MS or Motonuerone disease in my family, I said there was not, he examined my legs and told me to go home exercise and not sit on the sofa all day. I was so embarrassed! It took me another 2 years to pluck up the courage to go again but this time to see a female doctor who I thought would be more understanding and she was! So 3 years later, after many blood tests, a heart scan, an EMG test, a muscle biopsy here I am. The nuerologists have yet to find a diagnosis but it appears I have some type of muscular dystrophy. I struggle daily and fall often, my muscles are wasting but I am determined not to let this condition stop me from living a decent life. I want to embrace this disease, I want to turn it on its head and make it work for me. I want to help others with similar problems. I was always going to be born with this condition so I can’t change that, it was my fate from the outset. So I will cope with it and I will hopefully do more than what I would of done if I was a normal, healthy person.