A life with chronic pancreatitis

The story of Briana

I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis with EPI in 2019. I actually think I had in 2014 when it showed on a MRI, but drs ignored it. I started having symptoms in 2014 and advised my drs, but they said it’s your other pain condition. Per my mom I had them test my amylase and lipase by nothing showed up. I showed have been sent to a doctor who specializes in chronic pancreatitis. In march of 2019 I had severe back and chest pain. I was throwing up food despite taking Zofran and the pain didn’t go away with pain meds. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where they sat me for 12 or more hours to get me a room even though my blood pressure and heart rate were high. I was seen by a ER dr and they gave me 1 dose of pain meds it didn’t do anything for the pain and they took X-rays and CT and it so bad to breath and just be there. I was given toradol which didn’t do anything and then another dose of pain med and after the 3rd pain med I felt a little better instead of looking at the scans a resident Dr came in and thought I was there for cancer I said no it’s pain and I don’t know the cause. She discharged me without look looking over the records. I thought I was fine! In 2 months I was at Dr appt and was bored looking at my records and saw it said I had gallbladder infection and enlarged with gallbladder duct stone. I asked my mom what that meant. She said they should have admitted you and at least called you and you need surgery asap. I asked my pcp who sent the referral for surgery asap. I called my trauma surgeon who did my 5 open surgeries for something else. She said she could do the surgery in a week. She was worried my gallbladder was worse and maybe even blood cut off. She opened me up and saw that it needed to come out. She removed it and as well I needed hernia mesh from my other surgeries I had a incisional hernia a big one. Aprox 3 mths later I had bad pain. Very bad! I went to GI dr and she sent me labs for liver tests and other stuff and thought I may have acute pancreatitis. My labs came back next day and the liver tests were really high and said I need to speak with liver Dr. I did he recommended a stat EUS/ ERCP for tomorrow. I had a gallstone That was obstructed and needed it out. He removed it. After that he also cut my pancreas and bladder to make sure one doesn’t get stuck again. If it’s too big he said it still could. After my EUS/ERCP I was still in so much pain. I went and told my pain Dr who said maybe acute pancreatitis. I saw liver dr again and he diagnosed me with chronic pancreatitis with EPI and put me on creon. I started to feel better on creon, but still wasn’t gaining weight and still hurt so much! I went to liver dr again and he couldn’t make appt so I went to GI she upped my creon. I started to gain weight and still was in so much pain. I went back to liver dr and he said I don’t know what’s wrong! He was angry I was still in pain. He told me to see my pain Dr. So I have appt for pain dr coming up. I’m in so much pain still. My diagnosis helped me feel better to know the pain had a name. I wish the drs cared more though when your in pain. I feel they don’t care! It took me 8 years to get a diagnosis for my pain! I had misdiagnosed along the way! Thank you for letting me tell my story!