20% survival at 5 years

The story of Kathy

I was initially given the wrong diagnosis because mucosal melanoma is so rare. The pathology report called it GIST which is also very rare with similar pathology markers.
So i was treated for a year with a treatment for GIST. Which gave me severe neuropathy. Dry mouth and a few other issues. But I had a reoccurrence same area rectum.a second surgery. Then radiation and started on Keytruda. So finally I’m getting correct treatment. . One year later I have liver metastasis.
Now I’m stage 4 and very poor prognosis.
Now I’m applying for TIL study in Orlando Fl and Louisville Ky.
Praying for research and a cure.
When I was initially diagnosed my oncologist said unfortunately you have a rare cancer and there’s not much research for a disease that’s this rare. Though it’s usually terminal for those unfortunate enough to get this there aren’t many treatments.
So thankful for the opportunity to make more people aware.