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About Loving Luca Foundation

Loving Luca Foundation (LLF) was founded based on my son’s journey with Partial Trisomy 13. I wanted a place to connect with others in a similar situation and to give back to the genetically unique community. We are small, but mighty!
Our goal is to promote equality and inclusion for children with genetic disorders by providing support for families, inspiring change and funding research. We are currently partnered with Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, IL to donate tote bags with essentials for hospital visits and stays for each newly diagnosed patient. We also donate to their genetics department to help fund their research with genetic disorders.
We are currently working on partnerships with several other hospitals and will be forming meet up events for locals and virtual support groups for all others.

For Rare Disease Day, we will do a live video with Luca to talk about his difficulties and successes in life! For March (Trisomy Awareness Month), we will be post every day about the different types of genetic disorders. Education and awareness is necessary to help promote inclusion and understanding from the general population.


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