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About Empowerment for Sustainable Livelihood

EFSL is a registered non-governmental organization with over thirteen years of hands-on experience in community health, youth and entrepreneurial development. Situated in the heart of Fiapre, Sunyani in the Bono Region, Ghana, its co-founder Clara Ocran along with his small team has balanced a professional and tireless work ethic with a compassionate and welcoming outlook. The result is a grassroot organisation that is able to truly make a difference and for those who need it the most (CG009712016/D.S.D/3188).

My organization recently partnered with Global Liver Institute to celebrate International Day Event on NASH/NAFLD on June 12, 2020.

Please find below the detailed report sent to us by European Director, Global Liver Institute. https://www.international-nash-day.com/materials#2020-report/efslivelihood.org
To stimulate awareness and encourage involvement while creating sustainable solutions to improve the health and economic livelihoods of women and youth in these marginalized areas.

To raise awareness and improve access to the prevention and treatment of obesity, provide evidence-based education on obesity and its treatment, fight to eliminate weight bias and discrimination, elevate the conversation of weight and its impact on health and offer a community of support for the individual affected.

engages in massive and vigorous education (awareness/sensitization) on deadly but preventable diseases such as Viral Hepatitis, NASH/NAFLD, AIDS/HIV, Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancers, Guinea Worm and Tuberculosis at the deprived rural communities.

undertake training and capacity building programmes that would help empower local people economically.

provide advisory services for the creation, development and promotion of advocacy, gender empowerment and sustainable development


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William Jacob Ocran
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