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About Bloqcube

Who are we?
We are a private company that has developed a software to make decentralized clinical trials more efficient, secure, and patient centric. The software integrating clinical and financial management allows for more effective clinical and business decisions (based on data in ‘real time’). The offering, an iPAD and cloud based system, is driven by new blockchain engine (that significantly reduces risk from ransomware), promotes decentralized trial elements to bring greater access of trials to those in remote areas; thus offering a potential to recruit, enroll and complete trials faster. We believe these efficiencies will drive reduction in overall development costs and ultimately impact drug costs. The relevance, applicability, and impact of such efficiencies can not be overemphasized – especially in the rare and ultra-rare disease space where access to patients is very limited and a huge challenge.

The seasoned leadership and advisory team brings extensive scientific and business experience in management of clinical, regulatory and financial elements of trials in wide range of therapy areas and disease settings, including ultra-rare/rare/orphan, while always being cognizant of compliance matters per global regulations.

What are we doing for Rare Disease Day?
We are active and plan to engage non-profits and businesses focused on the development of new products in the rare disease arena; and support their efforts to meet the unmet needs of patients – with neglected diseases. On this day, we will double our efforts to raise awareness for this offering and the impact it can make for rare disease settings.

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Prem Narang, Ph.D., FCP
United States
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