2019 events in India

Rare Disease Day in India

In India, patient organisations first became involved in Rare Disease Day in 2010. Since then, they've focused on raising awareness and compassion for people living with a rare disease all across India through poster campaigns, school visits, competitions, a film festival, counselling sessions, and more. In 2012, the day attracted mass media attention when Indian star singer Shaan performed at an event.

2018 again saw India’s annual ‘Racefor7’ event which took place in Mumbai, Bengaluru and around the Washington Monument in the USA. More than 7000 participants ran a 7km race to represent the more than 7000 rare diseases documented so far. This year’s school event raised awareness of eye related rare diseases with many interactive events for students to get involved in and learn some basic statistical analysis. There was also a Rare Disease Day stakeholder event for patients, health sector companies and policy makers.

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