Rare Disease Awareness

By Bridget, Afibrinogenemia, United States, June 27, 2017

My name is Bridget Hunnewell, and I have a rare bleeding disorder called Afibrinogenemia. I was diagnosed when I was just 1 day old, due to the fact that my heel sticks didn't stop bleeding. A lot of people most likely have never heard of this disease, and when I was younger, I often times was too "embarrassed" to discuss it with anyone other than close family. I was afraid of what others may think, and how they would ultimately treat me. As I got older, I quickly realized that having this bleeding disorder is nothing to be embarrassed about at all. It's actually something that I've really grown to love about myself. Yes, there's times where I obviously wish I didn't have it, but I'm very proud of the struggles that I've overcome and the strength that I've gained along the way. I recently just graduated college with my Bachelors Degree, and plan to further my education to become a LSCW in the healthcare field. I'd love to be someone else's support system in regards to any type of medical issues that they are going through, whether it be bleeding disorder related or not. I've recently become more vocal in my own story through having a bleeding disorder, and I find that bringing awareness towards rare diseases can be so beneficial to not only the people with the rare diseases, but to others interested in the topic as well.

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