The story of Zein

My name is Zein 13 yrs diagnosed Mitochondrial Cythoathy affecting complex V of respiratory chain enzymes along with epilepsy and development delay, I have delay speech, weekness mucles and on wheelchair.
Supose the gene cause a disease called spastic ataxia level 4 but after I did two researhes in Netherland they couldnt find any upnormalities that we can confirm the gene cause the disease so they told us the it seems this gene cause a new disease that we dont know about it…so considere it as RARE Disease.
since I was young started illness my mother taught me never give up and i have to learn from everything surrounding.
Because my mentality brain is fine she put me in regular school they include between regulars students..and my education journey started I can acheive high marks comparing to others this is an evidence from my teachers..I dont hold a pen but mom taught me to draw and we choose a dynamic way from occupationtherapy toos to follow and it helped me a lot..I can draw lovley drawings now .I participated in many international and local competition and fibnally I won with Unicif MENA 4 draw and one draw chosen to include in videoclip.
Also with my bare talking me and my mother choose many material and events to talk about it, she shoot a video and let me speak to others through my instagram account..I become famous and i have followers ..this let me more independent and more selfconfident.. you can watch me on instagram account @mahmoud_and _zain …by the way mahmoud is my eldest brother who had the same gene and the same disease but unfortunately he couldnt fight a bacteria cause chest infection and we lost him before 4 yrs. I missed him he was my friend but he is in heaven.

You can watch my I am Unique reel here.