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Virtual conference / Meeting with doc and Patients Duet to current COVID pandemic, we are restricted to do any physical activities and hence since last year we have focused on many virtual scientific global CME’s for doctors and patients on the subject IC/BPS. we would really to engage with you through this forum and would like to be your official partner in fighting against this debilitating disease IC. A short introduction about us : Swati Spentose (a 50 years old pharmaceutical company based in India ) was working aggressively on the subject Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome ( An orphan and neglected disease) from last 10 years , from starters by bringing the solution in market to take it to the forefront and driving it in form of initiative ( Global Interstitial Cystitis and Bladder Pain society) GIBS. www.gibsociety.com In last 5 years GIBS, as a purely scientific body driven deeply in progression of the subject of IC-BPS , has achieved an involvement of doctors from Europe , South Africa , Kuwait , Nepal, Saudi Arab Brazil/Latin America and many more, who have shown their interest and are keen to take this subject forward in their countries too. GIBS at present has continued academic agenda ( through various scintific conferences and virtual CME’s) of collaborating with Urologists. Gynecologists’ towards integration of the subject from Best working principles to practical aspects evolving on the subject and has core members from the above specialties to make the progress happen at a wonderful pace of spreading the work and word on the subject. recently GIBS has also announced Global GIBS IC patient day.

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