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About “SOURCE” Foundation

SOURCE Foundation is Parent-founded association supporting children with disabilities and their families established at 2013. 

“SOURCE” Foundation aims to improve the quality of the life of the children with disabilities, /especially in rare deseases mild and severe cases/ realize their daily care, rehabilitation therapy, skills development, and help them to be included in the society, as much as possible.
The ultimate goal of all our programs is to improve the life quality and health conditions of the children with disabilities, as well as supporting the process of protecting the rights of their families.

Our foundation directly supports about 200 kids per a year, providing them different therapies, rehabilitologist’s consultations, care at home, special soft equipment and needed for positioning furniture at home. Also we work with another centers in Yerevan and regions of Armenia, train and provide them special equipment, furnishing and adaptation items.  As a parenting leading team we also support our families community with meetings, trainings, providing job and phsicologist consultation.

We have our “SOURCE house” rehabilitation,development and care center for 120 kids, and also a programme of personal assistents at home for 60 kids per year.

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Marina Parazyan
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