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Contact person:
Emilio Roldan
Health Professionals
Event in Argentina
La conferencia estará
17 Feb 2020 Córdoba Capital
Rare Disease Day - Argentina
feb/ 28 morning 10AM
28 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020 Parana
En el Día de las EPOF
El sábado 29 de febrero
29 Feb 2020 Ciudad de Buenos...
El sábado 29 de Febrero,
29 Feb 2020 Buenos Aires
1era. Caminata Solidaria
El 29 de febrero es
01 Mar 2020 Rosario

Congreso Enfermedades Raras y Drogas Huérfanas

Congreso de Enfermedades Raras y Drogas Huérfanas: Argentina 2020. Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Congress: Argentina 2020. This event is a start-up aiming to track hopes to certainties for the affected by rare diseases in the country. The congress follows the works of GEISER Foundation which during the beginning of this century seed in the region the concept of working globally under an umbrella structure, identify the local identity of the rare diseases issues and propose solutions which can be performed according to the realities of each place. It will be done in cooperation with ICORD ( bringing experts and successful international experiences which can be further apply in the region.  Local basic and clinical researches, health networks and assistance programs, health technology assessments, debate in cost and reimbursements policies, the role of communication media and the unique experiences from patients will create a base for discussions and cooperation among the different interested parties and stakeholders. Auditorium of the UCA, Universidad Catolica Argentina at Puerto Madero-Buenos Aires, March 25-27, 2020.

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