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Ogólnopolski Tydzień Mukowiscydozy
25 Feb 2019 - 03 Mar 2019 Poland
Rare Disease Day: diagnostics,
Zapraszamy na sympozjum
28 Feb 2019 Warsaw

Borys the Hero Team

Heroes are people who associate us with exceptional acts, bravery, courage, valor, stubbornness. They fight their own, often Deadly Enemies, who want to annihilate them for unknown reasons. Most of us know or can imagine such heroes.

But how does the Hero look like that meets all these conditions, but ... is only one, three, five or nine years old? How we define such Heroes? How they look? What they do? How and with whom they fight?

The inspiration to look for answers to the above questions is the true story of one, today 9-year-old real hero, Borys the Hero, who, like hundreds of thousands of other children around the world, must, whether he wants it or not, fight with his Deadly Enemy, in this case incurable genetic and terminal disease that unexpectedly attacked him, similar like attacks other warriors, without any warning, destroying everything that is and what was to come.

These Deadly Enemies are often so-called rare diseases, which by their very definition are not very often found in everyday life, but despite the name are commonly present in daily life. Most likely, we pass them every day on our way to work, school, or meet in a cafe or cinema.

Artworks presented here are an attempt to capture the uniqueness and tragic paradox of small Great Heroes who are, fight and live among us. Here and now, in the urban and public space, not only in houses and private four walls.

Look around, let's think about rare diseases and people who are affected... because there is no disease so rare that it does not deserve our attention.



28/02/2019 - 24/03/2019

36 Mariacka Str. Gdansk


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