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Hyo_Soon, Park
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제10회 희망의 소리 합창단 정기연주회 초청
(사)한국회귀-난치성질환연합회 회망의
20 Feb 2019
South Korea

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Dear RDD friends. Our team is, Ltd, who conducted RDD project in Korea in 2018. In 2019, I planned a project with more teams. 'Humanscape' developing a blockchain based patient community. 'Three billion' provides genetic diagnosis service for rare diseases. 'DR.NOAHbiotech', which develops treatments for rare diseases.The three companies formed a coalition. We're planning to create a YouTube channel to quench our thirst for the latest medical information, and to offer free diagnoses based on ginome to participate in drug development. We will release the first broadcast on February 28 and try to encourage many teams related to rare diseases in Korea. We will be in contact with patient groups every month and with experts in the field. The process will be promoted along with press releases on YouTube. We will try to spread the spirit of RDD in Korea and cheer for everyone. *I hope you will comment on using RDD's logo to inform Korea that we are together. -Article- - - - - - -

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