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Len Woodward
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Event in United Kingdom
#ShareYourRare to #FightEB
For Rare Disease Day
01 Feb 2019 - 28 Feb 2019 Global, Nationwide,...
Welsh Rare Disease Day
Join Rare Disease UK
14 Feb 2019 Cardiff
Show Your Rare showcase
CDH UK is bringing
23 Feb 2019 Edinburgh
Genetics Matters
For Rare Disease Day
23 Feb 2019 Newcastle Upon Tyne
‘Bridging Health and Social
Goals of this Symposium:
25 Feb 2019 Newcastle upon Tyne
Rare Disease Day 2019
Royal Holloway will
26 Feb 2019 Egham, Surrey
Drug Repurposing for Rare
Findacure's Drug Repurposing
27 Feb 2019 London
Westminster Rare Disease
Join Rare Disease UK
27 Feb 2019 London
Rare Disease Day - University
The Biomedical Society,
28 Feb 2019 Wolverhampton
Rare Disease day Cambridge
All welcome, free tickets
28 Feb 2019 Cambridge
Holyrood Rare Disease Day
Join Rare Disease UK
05 Mar 2019 Edinburgh
3rd Annual Welsh Rare Inherited
3rd Annual Welsh Rare
13 Mar 2019 Cardiff
United Kingdom

aHUS Alliance

The aHUS Alliance, a multi-national umbrella group of global advocates focused on the rare disease atypical HUS, fosters collaboration among stakeholders to: promote aHUS research efforts, create informational resources, support emerging national aHUS patient groups, and advance efforts to save and improve the quality of life for those affected by atypical HUS.

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