28 Feb 2019
Thu 28 February, 2019
Asmalı mescit mah. İstiklal Caddesi No 152 Terkos Çıkmazı Terkos Pasajı 5. kat Daire 502
Istanbul ,Beyoglu
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ACURARE will be organising
28 Feb 2019 İstanbul
FAROMDER is an association
28 Feb 2019 Istanbul ,Beyoglu

A presentation gala of the short film Umut Sokagi in Istanbul 28 February 2019 Asmalı mescit mah. İstiklal Caddesi No 152 Terkos Çıkmazı Terkos Pasajı 5. kat Daire 502, Istanbul ,Beyoglu
Hosted by FAROMDER

FAROMDER is an association of rare autoimmune and rheumatic diseases, each letter represents a rare disease.

We organize training for patients and symposium for general practitioners with the help of professors and specialists of rheumatology who are dedicated to the research of rare diseases. Thus, we increase the awareness of early detection, diagnosis, treatment and complication of sufferers and physicians to expand. We are a bridge between authorities, offices, the victims and doctors.

We obtain permits for training with authorities and offices, provide premises, coordinate food and volunteers, organize arrival and departure, and sponsor. Furthermore, we as an association help those affected and family members to build up the daily routine, so that they can participate despite the illness at work and social life.

We offer schoolchildren free tuition. If necessary, we connect with schools and teachers in order to eliminate disadvantages caused by the disease and to facilitate equality. We are negotiating the enforcement of existing European social rights for the chronically ill in Turkey.

As an association, we shot a documentary short film at our own expense. All actors are FMF ill, In the short film interviews with Prof. .Dr. Özgür Kasapcopur Prof., Dr. Huri Özdogan, Op. Hüseyin Kösoglu on FMF disease and the importance of early detection, therapies and complications. The aim of the association is to make all those affected, society and physicians aware of the importance of this point and the problems of work and school life and mental well-being of patients to raise awareness and eliminate hearing.

To this end, we want to organize a presentation gala of the short film in Istanbul on February 28, 2019 as part of the "Day of Rare Diseases". We hope that representatives of the health, labor, children and family ministry will be represented.

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