RDD NABYO Cafe (Japan)

Hosted by Kanto NANBYO Cafe Network

13 March 2021


In recent years, intractable disease cafes have been gradually spreading from the Kyushu area to the Kanto and other regions as a place where people with intractable diseases can casually gather.
However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, these intractable disease cafes have been forced to suspend their activities or move online without exception.
In this situation, the significance of the Intractable Disease Cafe was reaffirmed.
In the RDD, we will introduce intractable disease cafes in the Kanto region for people who are interested in intractable disease cafes, even though it is difficult for people with intractable diseases who have underlying diseases to interact face-to-face. In addition, we will invite people to freely participate in each café online and experience what each café is like.
It is planned to be held via SpatialChat or Zoom.


13:00 Opening, greetings from the organizer
13:05 Introduction of the four cafes (15 minutes x 4 locations)
14:05 Break (10 minutes)
14:15 Round-table discussion
14:45 Cafe tour experience
15:25 Closing remarks
15:30 Adjournment