Rare Disease Day 2021 Quiz Based Competition

Hosted by Pusat Sumber Sekolah SMK St. Francis

7 March 2021 to 8 March 2021
Online, Melaka, Malaysia


What do you know about Rare Diseases? Today, 28 February, is the very well-known Rare Disease Day; the day dedicated to raising awareness for people living with a rare disease. 

We want to take the fierce support and strength of our community to demand equitable access to social opportunity, therapy, and care for the 300 million people living with a rare disease, and their families around the world to demand equity.

Let us make this day impactful and celebratory. The European Organisation for Rare Diseases established the day in 2008 to raise awareness for unknown or overlooked illnesses and now, we the Board of Librarians from St. Francis Institution, Melaka challenge you to stand in the Rare Diseases Day Quiz Based Competition on the 7 of March 2021. You are very much encouraged to watch the videos below and visit https://www.rarediseaseday.org/ to enhance your understanding and comprehension of the Rare Diseases Day 2021 before you start. Get ready mentally and physically, we will see you there!

Rare is many| Rare is strong| Rare is proud

Board of Librarians 
St. Francis Institution, Melaka

*GameCode/InvitationLink will be given on the 7 of March at 10 am 
*The competition will last for 2 days and ended on the 8 of March at 10 pm
*Top 10 Selected Finalists will be awarded attractive prizes and recognition 
*Checkout at our very first social media at https://www.facebook.com/Pusat-Sumber-Sekolah-SMK-St-Francis-101902284954201 for the latest updates