29 Feb 2020
Sat 29 February, 2020
Eidsvolls plass
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A rare life. A meeting place for rare diseases in Oslo centre 29 February 2020 Eidsvolls plass, Oslo, Norway
Hosted by #Sjeldendagen

A meeting place for rare diseases! Persons with rare diseases and their families will share stories from their lives living with various rare diseases. Norwegian lawyer, political and social activist Geir Lippestad will be the moderator for the event.

You can test your knowledge of rare diseases in a quiz based on the TV program «Hva feiler det deg?» («What is wrong with you?»).

It will also be possible to talk to experts working in this area and user organisations.

For those who cannot make it, the National Advisory Unit on Rare Diseases will keep their helpline open during the event. Call +47 800 41 710 if you wish to speak to a trained operator.


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