28 Feb 2019
Thu 28 February, 2019
Faculty of Medicine, Skopje
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28 Feb 2019 PRILEP
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28 Feb 2019 Skopje
North Macedonia

Care for Rare 28 February 2019 Faculty of Medicine, Skopje, Skopje
Hosted by Macedonian Medical Students’ Association (MMSA Macedonia)

It is an event through which we are trying to raise the awareness of our students and our citizens about the value and the meaning of rare deseases in our society.The event is taking place at the Faculty of medicine in Skopje. The are 4 professors who have presentations for some rare deseases and 8 students who present cases of patients suffering from rare deseases. The presentations should last around 20min. and the cases around 10min. 

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Photos of the event