28 Feb 2019
Thu 28 February, 2019
To :
Thu 04 April, 2019
2019 events in Ireland
RAinDRop aims to establish
28 Feb 2019 - 04 Apr 2019 Dublin
Rare Disease Day 2019,
28 Feb 2019 Dublin

Rare Disease Research (RAinDRop) Partnership 28 February 2019 - 04 April 2019 Belfiled, Dublin, Ireland
Hosted by University College Dublin (UCD)

RAinDRop aims to establish a Research Partnership in Rare Diseases which will undertake a research prioritisation exercise and lay the foundation for a shared Research Action Plan on Rare Diseases for Ireland. A multi-phase high-quality engagement strategy will be carried out to meet the specific objective of this project. We are asking people living with Rare Diseases and their families, clinicians, health and social care professionals to identify the top 10 research questions currently under-researched, shared challenges in the rare disease community. This will help us Rare Disease Research Partnership (RAinDRop) to guide Rare Disease research to focus on the most urgent needs of people living with the condition.

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