Illness Challenge Foundations activities on Rare Disease Day

Hosted by Illness Challenge Foundation

27 February 2021 to 28 February 2021



  • Three reports with three different focuses of rare disease in China will be released on RDD 2021 by the Illness Challenge Foundation (ICF) with various partners. 
  • Rare Disease Multi-Party Co-Payment Report. This report analyzes the multi-party co-payment model for rare diseases in China, reflects on the outcomes of ICF’s Rare Disease Medical Assistance Project, and presents the value of multi-party co-payment model in China. This report and the press conference is partnered with Shandong Rare Disease Prevention and Treatment Association and Zhejiang Medical Association Rare Diseases Society.
  • An Observation Report on Rare Disease in China. Partnered with HealthInsight-8 a.m. Health News, this report is an overview of the changes in rare disease in China over the past decade. It analyzes and interprets changes in the community, policy, and industry from the patients’ perspectives, and suggests the directions of future development of the rare disease in China.
  • Report on Global Innovative Solutions for Rare Diseases. Partnered with Plug and Play China, this report is a collection and analysis of technology solutions for rare diseases around the globe, advocating the participation of innovative technology in the problem solving of rare diseases.
  • RARE IS PROUD: Rare Disease Day 2021 Benefit Concert. Co-organized with JD Health, the Illness Challenge Foundation will host a virtual benefit concert on the evening of Feb. 27, 2021 to celebrate and advocate for the proud lives of rare disease patients.
  • RARE IS PROUD: Rare Disease Day 2021 Joint Campaign. The Illness Challenge Foundation, united with 40+ patient organizations in China, shares the “proud moments” of rare disease patients and families using pictures, videos, articles, and etc. through all media channels throughout February.

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27 February 2021 to 28 February 2021
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